Encore App Launches Invite-Only Sorority Program

The popular fashion shopping app extends access to college campuses nationwide

LOS ANGELES, March 3, 2021 — Encore, the all-in-one fashion marketplace, announced today the launch of its invite-only Sorority Program, making it possible for students across campuses around the country to get access to Encore’s value proposition — Love, Wear, Repeat.

The desire to wear the very latest fashion comes at a hefty cost, not only on the wallet but also on the environment. In spite of the growth of the secondhand clothing market in recent years, more than 19 billion pounds of clothing still end up in landfills each year in the US alone. The app takes a radical approach that redefines fashion shopping as we know it, with a mission to make the latest fashion accessible to all, in a manner that is friendly to the environment.

Available exclusively for iPhone at present, Encore’s partnerships comprise the country’s 120 biggest fashion retailers and department stores, amounting to approximately 11,000 brands — all on the app. The Sorority Program is rolling out initially to 670 college campuses and, ultimately, to all colleges nationwide. Access is not restricted to college students, as invitees are free to give access to family and friends of their choosing.

“Gen Z is socially and environmentally conscious and sororities, in particular, are known for their contribution to philanthropy and the common good. We’re excited to get them on board,” said Omar Azmy, founder and CEO of Encore, “and to continue building a passionate community around a mission that matters to all. We believe that society is on the cusp of a transformational shift in the way in which we all consume goods. Our ambition is to play a central role in that transformation.”

About Encore

Encore is the all-in-one fashion shopping app, with 120 of the country’s leading fashion retailers and department stores and a mission to make the latest fashion accessible to all, without breaking the bank or the environment. The app was founded by Omar Azmy and has raised $3.1 million to date. Visit at https://www.theencore.app